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Prior Registration Essential

Saturday May 14, 2022   –    Time:  4 pm to 7 pm  @ Quakers Hill Neighbourhood Centre, Goddard Crescent & Farnham Rd, Quakers Hill NSW 2763

Devotees to bring:    Puja plate, Puja cup, flowers, fruits and Kumkum.

** Prasadam will be served **

Donations and sponsorships welcome  

Vedic and Cultural Centre of Australia  (Bank: CBA, BSB: 062000, Acct: 1467 2533) account and advise the details by email.  Registration and Sankalpam details advise to info@vcca.net.au. 


Shri Ekadasha Rudram

Om Namassivaya.


By Parameshwara’s grace and Kanchi Acharyal’s anugraham, Vedic and Cultural Centre of Australia
(VCCA) organized Sri Ekadasha Rudra Japam at Shri Shiv Mandir, Minto (NSW), Australia on 27th
November 2021.
Sydney Shiva devotees have been fortunate to witness such an event for the last 14 years in a row at
the temple premises. On this occasion, 45 Rithviks participated and chanted Sri Rudram and Chamaka
Anuvaakaas. The event was witnessed by a good number of devotees from the public. Shri Rudram
chanting event was followed by Sri Rudra Homam and Abhishekam for Bhagavaan Shiva.
The proceedings of the day were led by Shri Venkatrama Sastry and temple priests Shri Lal Bahadur
Mishra, Shri Sivashanmugam and Shri Chetan Bhai Patel.
VCCA would like to acknowledge the able support given by all the priests.
VCCA would also like to acknowledge the support given by the Shiv Mandir Management Committee,
who have made this event as a regular annual calendar event. On behalf of the Mandir Management
Committee, Shri Ganesha Lingam proposed a vote of thanks to all attendees. On behalf of VCCA, Shri
Ramarathinam presented some historical facts about the event. In particular he cited the following three
major reasons for the event’s continued success over the years :
• Ongoing support given by Shri Ganesha Lingam and Shri Naresh Sharma from the temple
• Shri Venkatrama Sastry who initiated the event in 2008 and has been an integral part of the event
all the years
• Continued support given by Sydney based Rithviks and devotees
VCCA would also like to thank the following people for tirelessly working to ensure a smooth functioning
of this event.
Shri Dorai Rajan & family
Shri Viswanathan & family
Shri Ramakrishnan & family
Shri Narasimhan & family
Rithviks and their families
Here are a photos for viewing in the following link


An Appeal


As you are aware, Vedic and Cultural Centre of Australia (VCCA) has been conducting various annual events & pujas for the last 9 years.  Some of the regular annual events are:

· Ekadasha Rudra / Mahaa Rudra Japam

· Vishnu Sahasranaama Lakshaarchana

· Lalitha Sahasranaama Lakshaarchana

· Classes on Vishnu & Lalitha Sahasranaamam, Abirami Andadi, Soundarya Lahari 

.Advanced Vedic chanting

Since March 2020 some of these activities could not be organized due to Covid-19 restrictions. VCCA   conducted Nivaarana Japam regularly to get over the pandemic.  Easwara Krupa we are getting over the pandemic now.

Many of you support conducting the above events in various capacities with dedicated efforts.   VCCA would like to acknowledge the support from every one of you.  VCCA’s intention is to continue all the above activities for the benefit of the community on a regular basis.  For this purpose, VCCA has acquired a land.  We hope to start the building activity soon. 

It is our humble request to you to donate liberally for this great cause and be a patron of this project.  

Your financial support will continue to provide immense benefits for the spiritual and cultural development of current generation and will be a gift to the generation next. 

Donations may be paid via PayPal below or through Bank account details below.

Paypal Donations using PayPal account or Credit/Debit cards

Or Donations can be paid into following account

Bank:  Commonwealth Bank of Australia       

Acct Name: Vedic Education Building Trust (ABN: 74 920 776 643)                          

BSB: 06 2196  A/c 1131 1146.  

Donation of $2 and above is Tax Deductible.  

Donors may please send an email to info@vcca.net.au with their full name and address for issuing Tax Receipts.

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